PKF International


PKF Japan

Accountants & business advisers

Hibiki audit


Audit Services


■ Audits under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
■ Audits under the Companies Act
■ Audits of shinkin banks
■ Audits of credit unions
■ Audits of educational institutions
■ Audits of labor unions
■ Audits of Public investing corporation
■ Comfort letter for stock issue or bond issue
■ Voluntary audits for the companies or associations

International operation


■ Audit / Review services for subsidiaries in Japan
■ English accounting support and preparation of consolidation package


Overseas expansion support service


■ Advising or supporting for the expansion of the overseas business with PKF networks

Business support for the growth of leading medium-sized company


■ Analytical review and advice of the business
■ Support of Development&Implementation a business plan / follow-up
■ Support for start-up company (build/excute the strategic business plan)
■ Support of Development a business plan/funding for the overseas expansion
■ Succession of the business
■  M&A

Other Services


■ IFRSs support
■ IPO support
■ Financial due diligence
■ Audits the effectiveness of the internal controls
■ Information technology audit
■ Fraud Investigations
■ Internal audit